Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yet Another Technique

To get my own mojo going, I take classes with artists in my area.  Sandra Spagnuolo is one, and so is Kathy Mostardi.  They introduce me to using materials other than ink and stamps (though, those things show up, too!).  I really enjoy expanding my knowledge of materials and techniques.  At UTreat, we want to emphasize the flexibility of SU supplies, so I am challenging myself to come up with new ways to use product.  One thing I have been playing with is re-inkers, and above, you see re-inker mixed with gel medium. 

 Gel medium is an acrylic-based liquid that can glue paper to canvas, can transfer ink from paper to another surface, can seal and protect a layer from the next -- it's used a lot in collage and mixed media.

The challenge I set for myself was to use SU stencils and re-inkers to modify SU dsp that I no longer like.  So, I tinted gel medium and gesso to see how it works!

Well, you're seeing the gel medium experiment above, because it was successful.  The gesso, although it tinted well, bled under the stencil.  I tried both Classic and Craft re-inker.  The Classic reinker dried very clear (you see Baja Breeze in the sample above).  The Craft was the most successful, I think.  It dried semi-opaque, and depending on how much I swiped away, I could see more or less of my background.  The reason you aren't seeing a card with it is because I used Tangerine Tango  dsp to experiment with.  I dislike the colour orange, and have little or no cardstock to make a card with!

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christine k said...

Ohh, neat way to use the stencils, Judith!
That is one product line I have never purchased, but I have seen you do some pretty neat things with them, so I think a few may find there way into my collection!