Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Technique

I have been obsessed with garbage lately -- how can I use otherwise thrown away "stuff" in my creating?  Corrugated cardboard has been used with lots of success by many people.  Rubbed with a bit of white acrylic paint or White Craft ink, it adds a shabby chic texture interest to card fronts.

Recently, the Stampers' Sampler showcased an artist who repurposed used plastic gift cards.  I have a stack of those on my desk, which I use for painting, but I had never thought of painting ON them.  I swiped some gesso on, waited impatiently for the cards to dry, and then stamped with my Greeting Cards Kids outline stamps.  The gesso takes Staz-On very well, and SU markers and blender pens flow over the surface.  Don\t scrub -- you can lift the gesso with the blender pen!

I know the gesso is only one sharp edge from chipping off the surface, so my next experiment will be to sand the cards before gessoing, so that the surface isn't so slippery.

I combined my little kiddle with the Starbusrt card pattern found on Stampin' Connections.

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Christine K said...

I love the starburst and I think it's wonderful, your obsession with 'garbage'! You make it so pretty!
I like how 'vintage' your focal image is using the gift card!