Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Card Challenge

I have been accompanying my dear friend/sister to her cancer treatments. The hospital is so kind and thoughtful! Volunteers drop off knitted, crocheted and sewn hats, and the hospital helpers hand them out to every patient. Louise has an extensive wardrobe of them now.

Well, I sew and knit, but what I really like to do is make cards. So, for her last visit, I made 4 cards of 10 styles of Thank you cards. The volunteers seemed very pleased with them, and so, I am preparing another 40 cards for this visit. It's a great way to use up my stash and justify buying more! I have named it (very imaginatively) "The Card Challenge".

I urge you to do something similar for the health centre in your community. It is shocking to see how many people receive treatment in a day. Then times that by 5 day, then 52 weeks -- and that is just one community! And only adults -- there is a separate hospital for children with cancer. Staggering. Anything you can do to ease the life of these people is time well spent.

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